Puppy School


If this is the first time we’ve met, I’m Hector I’m a Mini Dachshund who has recently immigrated from the western suburbs to the bayside area of Melbourne. I’m passionate about Mozart and chicken necks as well as documentary film and morning strolls.

So I must confess I’m here to have a humble brag about graduating from Puppy School this past weekend. Yes, I have completed a four week introduction to puppy socialisation and behaviour, food and nutrition, play engagement, markers and release cues – sit, drop, stand (that’s a lie), recall and a meet and greet with cafe work. I’m exhausted just listing these accomplishments! However, I do look forward to having my Sunday mornings back. Although, I do quite fancy taking up Croquet now that the weather is on the improve. I suspect my human of the male variety can facilitate that kind of activity for me though.

Apologies, I digress.

Here is my certificate #humblebrag

My humans were hopeful I’d be the star student at Puppy School, but for me it’s always about making the biggest impact. Be the loudest in the room! Accidentally wee on the floor just before we are about to leave. Pretend to be frightened of the tiny female Mini Dachshund as we lock eyes from across the room. You see to me it’s all just a big show. An opportunity to let my humour and charming personality capture all those who encounter me. Also, Puppy School should be renamed ‘The Poached Chook Buffet’. Every time you take a seat or pretend you’ve reacted to a cue you get hand fed a piece of chicken. It’s glorious I tell you!

‘Hec-tAAHH + Sit’ = Chicken. 

Basic mathematics paired with some functional movement and they hand feed me organic poached chicken! No complaints from me.

Despite my jovial tone I really did enjoy Puppy School and it made me realise there is still so much for me to learn. My ambition to take on some higher learning or a completely new topic makes me want to climb into the humans book shelf and educate myself. I’ve noticed a trilogy of novels that have sparked my interest and I suspect they belongs to my female human – 50 Shades of Grey. It sounds most intriguing.

As they say the world’s your poached chicken buffet and I’m secretly relieved that these roommate humans of mine, let me do whatever I like. As if they’d try and stop me!

Before I forget – what are your thoughts on my tie?

Until we meet again.




If you fancy finding out a bit more about me or humans you can do so. If not, stick it up your jacksie! 



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